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Who Knows Wins is changing the culture of sports betting, by making it social.
This is evolution. Your time is now.


Who knows Wins

Who Knows Wins is a cutting edge social betting application that truly links groups of friends with a competitive, engaging platform that will revolutionise the global culture of wagering on sporting events. Who Knows Wins places you against your peers, friends, colleagues, and tests who truly knows their sport. The more you know, the more you win, and the best part is, you’re beating your friends, not the bookmakers.



1. Select & Create

Play from a selection of leagues or simply create your own

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2. Share & Challenge

Get social and invite your friends to play created leagues

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3. Chat & Celebrate

Chat & interact with live updates and never miss a result!

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What is Social Betting?


Who Knows Wins are the pioneers of Social betting. The idea is simple. A league is set up containing a number of sporting fixtures, and all you have to do is make your predictions on the outcomes of these fixtures. For every correct selection you gain a point, and the more points you gain, the more chance you’ll have of winning. Each league has an entry stake and the pot distribution is set out before the league begins. So invite your friends to join you, sit back, and if you know sport like you say you do, prepare to rake in all your friends cash. Modesty is optional, arrogance compulsory.


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