The Championship – Football’s equivalent of a marathon in knee deep water

Admittedly, a non die hard (Cardiff City) fan with just enough instinctive tribalism to feel the need to aim the odd obscenity at a thankless referee for just doing his job to a relatively good level; The Championship is where we have spent most of our recent footballing history. We have good company in that sense. The yo-yo effect of a team that is not quite sustainable in the elite Premier company, but far too much of a sleeping giant to last too many years below the 2nd division, seemingly ends up in this pit of doom.

Back to this year’s league itself…

Big cities, tasty teams, with a nice balance of fresh unknown youth and old reliable stalwarts. Pre-season, most teams are slightly overweight with the anticipation that they are promotion hopefuls and not mid-table mediocrities. It’s a juicy proposition but it’s a league in which you can take nothing for granted, just ask the followers at Elland Road.

One thing that it does offer is plenty of midweek relief in the shape of fixtures - crucial for those midweek leagues on Who Knows Wins against friends. Each game is highly contested with absolutely no fixture being a forgone conclusion.

Leeds look so strong again and they are going to use last year’s experience to get themselves to the finish line in front. They will be closely followed by WBA who I expect to score the most goals this season.

Playoffs are always a horrible death for three teams and absolute jubilation for one. The one here being Derby county, despite losing Frank as manager.

The surprise package could be Blackburn who haven’t really progressed, and may not have the underdog grit in them to compete in a dogfight.

Strap yourself in, it’s set to be a long, long ugly slog.


We predict:


Blackburn Rovers

Charlton Athletic





 Cardiff City

 Derby County (Playoff Winners)

Sheffield Wednesday


Leeds Utd

West Brom