So Wonderful ‘19 - Wimbledon

Becoming a vegan, I always knew one thing - no more strawberries and cream at SW19. That disappointment aside, Wimbledon Tennis Championship is the greatest sporting event in the world. It’s true perfection. If you have never been GO, and if you have been you’ll GO again.

Pre the necessary rooves on Centre court and Court 1, Wimbledon always has had and always will have an undeniable air, that of a tranquil museum surrounded in…not even history, just its on confidence and beauty. However, an environment that could be impaled with disappointment at the drop of a precipitation. Never have I looked at the sky so permanently, searching for the smallest gradient of alternative tone to the dark grey that colour filled the sky.

 However, here we are in the modern day and even that unknown has been un-creased and never again will BBC1 have that horrendous R in a tennis ball in the top right hand corner of your television. You know what I’m talking about! Tennis will be happening, whatever the elements.

So let’s look ahead to this year’s predictions. I pride myself on being assertively opinionated and predominantly wrong so listen carefully.

Ladies Singles Championship

Serena Williams – Seeded 11 thanks to Wimbledon’s ‘interesting’ seed allocation system. She is always reliable and she is always outstandingly a higher level to anyone else. This could be another major to add to her 23, and it would be 20 years on from her first. The magic of Wimbledon makes it impossible for any pro not to be ready for it, she’s ready, she’s able, she won’t be far away.

Sloane Stephens – Another American powerhouse. Like Serena, she will be more effective as the tournament wears on. Conditions will mature to suit and the hotter the better. Sloane is in the same half of the draw as Williams and they also occupy that with recent French Open champion and World no.1 Ashleigh Barty. Serena will have the opportunity if things pan out to overhaul Barty and set up a semi final with her American ally.

Naomi Osaka – Another love of mine, Osaka plays with no inhibitions. Young starlet, she’s going to be a major influencer in the sport for the next decade. Everyone wants to see her play and she’s so exciting for the game. She will meet one of the top 2 in the final, provided she can get past Svitolina

Gentlemens Singles Championship

Novak Djokovic – Impossible to deny this man of favouritism for the tournament. Never one to blow you away, just drum you into the ground with consistency that has never been rivalled. You won’t need your weaker hand to accumulate the amount of unforced errors he makes per set. This makes him very hard to beat, and he will definitely be in the Semi Finals. Tsitipas in the QF will be a nice treat as the tournament reaches the business end.

Stan Wawrinka – A tough draw for this renegade. An absolute grenade in any draw, capable of anything. It’s strange how Wimbledon has eluded him so far, nerves get the better of him here. He’s never even reached the SFs. This year all that will change. A more balanced mentality as he reaches the twilight zone, a game still as strong as ever. Could, just could break his duck.

Roger Federer – I don’t need to say much about this Champ. Everything he has done and continues to do is just sensational. As his career continues to defy endings, even I want him to win. He is due to meet Rafael Nadal in the SF, and I don’t see anyone else in that side of the draw interfering with that.

What a rendition we have in store. Not too much during the first week, just setting the stage for what will be an historic week 2. 13th/14th July is going to be two finals of the highest significance. Campari and soda, some handpicked British strawberries and let the drama of Wimbledon sugar coat them for extra sweetness.

Time to pick the winners

Ladies Champion – Sloane Stephens

Gentlemen’s Champion – Roger Federer